D&I KL2 Scholar Resources

KL2 Scholar January 2017 Seminar Resources

D&I Research from Theory to Practice

January 3rd, 2-4pm

Pre-Seminar Activities

A. Watch the Overview of D&I Research by Jane Mahoney, MD; 2015 D&I Short Course Video and Slide Show. Available via the SMPH Video Library: https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/61775
Duration: 69 minutes

B. Watch Designing for Dissemination by Lawrence Green, DrPH, DSc; 2013 D&I Short Course Video and Slide Show: http://conferences.thehillgroup.com/OBSSRinstitutes/TIDIRH2012/agenda.html
Duration: 53 minutes

  • Videos of speaker presentations featured in the 2013 UW ICTR CAP D&I Short Course were originally part of the 2012 Training Institute for the Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (TIDIRH). The link to Dr. Green’s video presentation & slides is in the Monday, July 9 Afternoon Plenary session via the link above.