#ShutDownAcademia Wednesday, June 10th

An academic shutdown is planned for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10th ~

Scholars across the country will participate to engage White and non-Black scholars of color in efforts to combat racism. The action plan for June 10 is available here: https://www.shutdownstem.com/

If you participate, encourage you to include a message about the shutdown as part of your out of office e-mail message.  This is a sample message; feel free to use as much or as little of the message as you like:  On Wednesday, June 10th, I will be out of the office as I will be participating in the #AcademicShutdown and #Strike4BlackLives to engage in activities to eliminate racism and anti-Blackness.

More details about the strike are available here: https://www.shutdownstem.com/

CCHE challenges you to think about concrete steps you can take to address racism in the context of your profession, whether you are a(n) public health practitioner, researcher, instructor, or some combination of the three.

Below is a list of resources to aid you in this challenge. Our hope with so many others is if we as a collective commit to challenging racist systems in domains where we have influence, we can accelerate our march towards equity.


Racism, Anti-Blackness, and Allyship

Background on the Current Protests About Police Brutality

Addressing Racism in the Academy

Racism and Public Health

Thank you to HELI 2019 alumna Dr. Deeonna Farr of East Carolina University for sharing!