Spotlight: Promoting STEMM Career Development for Underrepresented Groups

Angela Byars-Winston

Workforce Development & Higher Education | Angela Byars-Winston

Goal: To examine the cultural influences on career development, especially for racial and ethnic minorities and women in the sciences, engineering, and medicine.

ICTR Support: Her KL2 Scholar Award provided protected time, mentoring, and introductions to UW collaborators in mentoring research.

Outcome: As a local & national leader related to the field of mentor & mentee training and its potential to influence the commitment of women and underrepresented ethnic minorities to careers in STEMM, she was named a White House Champion of Change in 2011. More recently, she was appointed to the Board on Higher Education and Workforce (BHEW) at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Currently a UW Department of Medicine associate professor & co-investigator in the UW-Madison Mentor Training core of the National Research Mentoring Network.

Byars-Winston, A, et al. New Measures Assessing Predictors of Academic Persistence for Historically Underrepresented Racial/Ethnic Undergraduates in Science. CBE-Life Sciences Education. 2016. 16(3).

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