Spotlight: Quality Improvement Framework for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Health Systems Research | Jennifer Weiss

Jennifer Weiss

Goal: UW Health quality improvement ranked colorectal cancer screening performance at 11 out of 20 reporting groups, despite the demonstrated importance of early screening to cancer detection and treatment.

ICTR Support: Pilot award, KL2 scholar, CAP consultations

Outcome: An quality improvement framework was developed to drive large scale change in the UW Health organization. Enhanced work systems increased colorectal cancer screening at UW Health from 63% to 81%, resulting in 11,000 additional patients screened each year.

Kraft S, Carayon P, Weiss J, Pandhi N. A simple framework for complex system improvement. American Journal of Medical Quality: The Official Journal of the American College of Medical Quality. May 2015;30(3):223-231.