Spring 2021 Courses with Community, Equity Focus

CCHE would like to alert you to three Spring 2021 courses that may be of interest ~

Shared via Haley Madden, PhD, with the Morgridge Center for Public Service:

  • Community and Environmental Sociology 375: Community responses to pandemic
    Instructor: Randy Stoecker, PhD
    This course will focus on how we respond to pandemics (past and present) at a community level—neighborhoods, small towns, tribes, and other kinds of social groups, including the roles of mutual aid and protest in the current pandemics.
    >> 375 Info Flyer (PDF)
  • Geography 675: Universities and social change
    Instructor: Jenna Loyd, PhD
    This class explores two questions, including what are the political and economic geographies of contemporary US universities, and how have they been shaped by struggles against racial, gender, and other forms of oppression? The second question asks: how do students, faculty, and other university members engage in making change within and from universities? Readings will take up the development of decolonial, critical ethnic studies, and feminist knowledges together with debates over the public intellectual, scholar-activism, action research and community engagement.
    >> 675 Info Flyer (PDF)

Shared via Lauren Cornelius with the Native American Center for Health Professions (NACHP):

  • MED SC-M 930: American Indian Health, History and Tribal Governance
    Instructors: a wide range of faculty and guest experts
    This is an introductory course designed to provide all health professions students with foundational knowledge regarding the history, structures and key health priorities of Wisconsin tribal nations. It is funded by the Indians into Medicine grant through the Indian Health Service in the Department of Health and Human Services.
    >> Med Sc-M 930 Info Flyer (PDF)

See included flyers for full details on each course.

Thank you to our colleagues at Morgridge and NACHP for passing these along! Please share broadly to attract interested students.