Luis Gonzalez-Quizhpe

Position title: Research Coordinator, All of Us Research Program


Luis Gonzalez-Quizhpe, Research Coordinator, is with the All of Us Research Program (Milwaukee site). In this role, he assists at the Center for Community Engagement & Health Partnerships in Milwaukee with participant enrollment, as well as with the collection and input of data, physical measurements, and biospecimens. Having previously worked at the AoU UW-Madison site, Gonzalez has enjoyed meeting participants from all walks of life in Madison and is excited to continue discussing the program’s mission and promoting community engagement efforts within Milwaukee.

In addition to his role, Gonzalez is currently a graduate student in the Master’s of Arts program in Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies at UW-Madison. Gonzalez is also a recipient of a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship for the Academic Year 2021-2022, which he will use to study Kichwa. Before joining AoU, Gonzalez worked as a public health researcher and medical interpreter in the Andean and Amazon regions of Ecuador. Drawing from his life and professional experiences, he has a strong personal investment in Indigenous language reclamation and transmission of traditional cultural practices and health knowledge.

Gonzalez earned a BA in Sociology with a certificate in Chican@ and Latin@ Studies from UW-Madison.