Randy Kimple

Position title: Director, Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation

Email: rkimple@humonc.wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 265-9156

3107 Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research
1111 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53705

Randy Kimple, MD, PhD, Director of the Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation, is an Associate Professor of Human Oncology in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. His degrees include an MD combined with a PhD in Pharmacology. His lab seeks to improve the care of cancer patients through their strengths in translational cancer research while providing a supportive world-class learning environment for scientists at all levels and from all backgrounds. They have projects investigating the molecular mechanisms leading to increased sensitivity to therapy in HPV-positive cancers, studying how to target therapeutic resistance in head and neck cancer, and developing approaches to treat side effects of radiation therapy. This multidisciplinary research is facilitated by an affiliate appointment in the Department of Medical Physics.

Dr. Kimple’s clinical practice involves the use of the latest technological advances in the delivery of radiation therapy to provide multidisciplinary care for patients with cancers of the head and neck. In addition to his role as a physician scientist, Dr. Kimple has developed a track-record of mentoring clinician-scientists, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and professional students, and undergraduate trainees from UW.