Bo Liu

Position title: Co-Director, Institutional Career Development KL2 Program


Website: Department of Surgery Profile

Phone: 608-263-5931

Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research, Room 5137

Bo Liu, PhD, Co-Director of the Institutional Career Development KL2 Program, is a professor with a joint appointment in Department of Surgery and Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology. Liu did her graduate study at State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center and her postdoctoral training at Columbia University followed by Memorial Sloan Kettering.

The mission of her basic and translational lab is to advance the fundamental knowledge of biology and contribute to healthy living through research and therapeutic development. Using a combination of cutting-edge technologies including CRISPR-mediated gene editing and single-cell RNA sequencing, the team investigates the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying vascular inflammation, aortic aneurysm, and thrombosis. Liu has established productive collaborations with basic scientists, material engineers, and clinicians from a wide range of scientific and medical disciplines and her research is funded by multiple grants from National Institute of Heath and American Heart Association.

Liu is a passionate mentor to graduate/medical/undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, residents, and junior faculty members. She co-founded the vascular surgery training program that specifically trains surgical residents and postdoctoral scientists in basic, translational and clinical research of peripheral vascular disease. She is also the founding director of a summer undergraduate research program funded by American Heart Association.

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