Patrick Kelly

Position title: Team Science Research and Program Manager


Phone: (608) 886-2586

Patrick Kelly, PhD, is the Team Science Research and Program Manager at ICTR, where his work is focused on the design, delivery, and evaluation of evidence-based interventions and trainings that enhance collaborative research.

He is currently leading a study of how the leaders of translational teams build and develop trust on their teams, in addition to coordinating a national pilot implementation study of Team Science interventions. His research employs qualitative methods to understand the relationship between the theory and practice of team science, with recent publications focused on the information management struggles of translational teams.

Drawing on his longstanding passion for human rights, he develops DEIA workshops that promote inclusive leadership and psychological safety for enhanced team performance and impact, such as a recent presentation on “The Power of Inclusive Teams” with Dr. Whitney Sweeney at UW’s Diversity Forum in 2023. He also serves as Co-Chair of ICTR’s DEIA Working Group.

Prior to joining ICTR, Dr. Kelly was a Fulbright scholar and a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University at the Buffett Institute for Global Affairs. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Chicago, with a background in interdisciplinary methods, History, and Spanish. Dr. Kelly has published in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Review of Books, and he is the author of the interdisciplinary study of human rights history: Sovereign Emergences: Latin America and the Making of Global Human Rights Politics (Cambridge, 2018).