Mondira Saha-Muldowney

Position title: Assistant Director, Dissemination & Implementation Launchpad


Mondira Saha-Muldowney has a background in business specializing in marketing and finance.  She has been in healthcare for 18 years in various capacities including new product and service development, marketing, training, finance and sales.  She has worked in Fortune 100 companies and also smaller organizations.  She started with the D&I Launchpad team working closely with Evidence to Implementation awardees like Betty Chewning, PhD,  on Tai Chi Prime.  Currently, as a manager of the team, she works with the D&I team on variety of initiatives such as the Pipeline Project, Design for Dissemination, and Short Course.

Saha-Muldowney is a strong advocate for representing the customers’ and stakeholders’ voices. She is amazed and humbled to see the incredible work that researchers are doing at UW. She believes that these innovations will make substantial impact on people’s health, and is passionate about helping to disseminate them.

Prior to starting her career in healthcare, Saha-Muldowney worked in marketing for companies like Quaker Oats and Gillette.  She worked on products such as Venus razors for women, Mach 3 razors for men, and Oral-B electronic toothbrushes.  Saha-Muldowney holds her MBA from University of Chicago, and MS in Economics from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  She received her bachelors in Economics from Mount Holyoke College.