Rachael Meline

Position title: Administrative Program Specialist, Dissemination & Implementation Launchpad

Email: rmeline@wisc.edu

Suite 2112
Health Sciences Learning Center
750 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53705

Rachael is the Research and Administrative Program Specialist for the Dissemination & Implementation Launchpad. She captures and analyzes data relevant to the consultations, Short Course, publications, and of course, the dissemination and implementation of healthcare innovations. Rachael also assists with the preparation and logistics of many behind-the-scenes components of activities, such as the Short Course. Additionally, she has helped create value propositions and various tools to assist with implementation. Furthermore, Rachael puts forth many of the organizational requirements necessary for the Evidence to Implementation (E2I) review process. Prior to joining the Launchpad in 2019, she was a Research Specialist and Lab Manager in a pediatric trauma laboratory, worked in the private sector, and provided therapy services for children on the autism spectrum. She graduated with a degree in psychology from the UW-Madison Honors in the Liberal Arts program and took several graduate courses in Social Work at UW-Madison.