Olayinka Shiyanbola

Credentials: PhD, BPharm

Position title: Associate Director, Collaborative Center for Health Equity

Email: olayinka.shiyanbola@wisc.edu

Olayinka Shiyanbola is a CCHE Associate Director. In this role she will enhance the CCHE health equity workforce development portfolio and contribute to ICTR diversity, equity and inclusion goals.  She will collaborate with other ICTR and CCHE faculty and staff to expand the career development portfolio for early stage investigators who are underrepresented in clinical and translational research.  Shiyanbola will also lend her experiences in establishing Community Peer Partners in diabetes research to a newly developing segment of the CCHE  to advance the utilization of Community Health Workers in community engaged research teams.

Shiyanbola is an Associate Professor in the Social and Administrative Sciences Division in the School of Pharmacy. Her research examines patient perceptions in medication use and its impact on medication adherence, health literacy and the elimination of health disparities. Specifically, Shiyanbola studies the perceptions of illness and medicines among underserved populations. She explores how to utilize and interweave patient perspectives into the development of tailored patient-centered medication use interventions. In her other areas of interests, Shiyanbola empirically redesigns prescription and health information documents to improve patient understanding and medication safety. She utilizes socio-behavioral and health psychology theories in her studies and employs qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches in her work.

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