Barry Sievers

Position title: Assistant Executive Director, Finance


Phone: (608) 265-0695

4243 Health Sciences Learning Center

Barry Sievers, an ICTR Assistant Executive Director, oversees ICTR Finance, which includes central administration; the Collaborative Center for Health Equity, HS-IRB and the Office of Clinical Trials. He also supervises Grants Management activities for ICTR.

With a degree in Finance, his background includes serving as the accountant with Physicians Plus Medical Group and the UW Medical Foundation in Madison. His research background started with the Jackson Foundation, the former research arm of the Physicians Plus Medical Group. In 2001, Sievers joined the UW-Madison Office of Clinical Trials as the Finance Manager and had oversight over all federal and non-federal research budgets, as well as the department operations budget.

In 2011, he joined the ICTR team, and was appointed assistant executive director in May 2013.