Team Science Collaboration Planning

What is Collaboration Planning? ICTR’s Team Science Core offers 90-minute collaboration planning sessions that engage your team to think through the ways you will work together. We do this by proactively addressing the areas that most frequently cause conflict in teams, including authorship, communications, and project management. Originally designed by team-science experts at the NIH and NSF drawing upon decades of research on teams and collaboration, a collaboration plan may be useful in the following ways:

  • To help your team create strong team processes from the beginning, which has been shown to result in improved scientific outcomes
  • As a template for writing a multi-PI plan
  • To address team-science-specific review criteria in future grant applications
  • Skill-building for research staff and early-stage investigators in team leadership and collaboration

Here is a link to a short (7-minute) video explaining collaboration planning and its potential benefits to you and your team.

What will happen during Collaboration Planning? In this session with your team, Dr. Betsy Rolland, ICTR Director of Team Science, will lead you through a short training on the principles of collaboration, followed by a guided exercise to craft a plan specific to your project addressing key challenges of team science. The end result of this session will be a short, 1-2 page Collaboration Plan.

If you’re interested in a collaboration planning session, please fill out this Google Intake form and the Team Science Core will be in touch.

Collaboration Planning focuses on these seven content areas:

To read more about our ICTR pilot study of collaboration planning, click on the article image below.