Urban Triage Leads Dane County Rental Assistance Contract

Big Local News ~

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Urban Triage founder and CEO Brandi Grayson and her team have directly taken on health equity via housing support.

In March, the federal government authorized the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan to address COVID-19 pandemic related needs and it included $21.5 billion in funding for emergency rental assistance. Dane County received more than $12.5 million of those dollars to address local issues like evictions and housing stability and our neighbors, Urban Triage, Inc., in partnership with Dane County, will be allocating $10.7 million in rental assistance to those most in need.

Brandi Grayson notes:

…we’re eager to offer stigma-free and humanity-centered support to our community.  This moment is historic for many reasons; most importantly, we are an organization for the people by the people, grassroots, Black-centered and community-based providing support for all, in partnership with Dane County. It’s a big deal. We’re excited.

Congratulations to Brandi and her team for securing the largest contract ever given to a Black led, grassroots organization that prides itself on centering Black lives. Urban Triage is showing up and showing out for those they serve by standing in integrity and transformative justice.

THANK YOU Brandi and Urban Triage for the vital work you are doing to support Madison communities. We’re so proud to have new initiatives underway with you, and we encourage our affiliates to learn more about your work and how they can support it!

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