UW Native Nations Forum Fall 2021

Shout out to UW colleagues Aaron Bird Bear, Annie Jones, and Omar Poler for the exceptional update on UW-Native Nations activities happening across multiple initiatives at yesterday’s 9/13 Forum.

Relying on the principles of sovereignty, partnership and two-way exchange, anyone can learn more about:

  • The Tribal Advisory Council and the Working Group implementation members and how each supports collaborative programming;
  • The 7 Priority Areas currently being advanced (ranging from student wellness to Indigenous language infusion to curricula and education pathways to land acknowledgements!); and
  • The September 27 Welcome Back event at Gordon Hall – open to all!

If you don’t know about tribal community and campus activities in Wisconsin, home to 12 Native Nations, you need to, and this is great source to learn and get involved! There are both faculty and staff opportunities to lead and serve.

The Forum is held twice each semester, but to maximize attendance each Forum includes two opportunities to engage – if you missed yesterday, please consider participating in the Forum on Thursday 9/16 over the noon hour.

Contact Annie Jones (annie.jones@wisc.edu) for more information on how!