Where to find ICTR staff during the Building Renovation

The Health Sciences Learning Center is undergoing substantial planned renovations over the next couple years. The 2nd floor ICTR space in Suite 2112 where many ICTR team members work is currently under construction and staff have been relocated until this phase of the project is done! Our reward? A larger and hopefully more functional space that will allow more ICTR staff to work alongside their fellow team members.

ICTR staff will be in temporary locations December 15, 2017 – March 28, 2018. NOTE: Any meeting scheduled for the HSLC 2112 Conference room will be relocated.

Please double check via phone or email if you’re trying to find someone in person in case they’re working remotely, but below is a general guide to where you can find ICTR people. Two of the temporary locations are in the HSLC and one is in the University Bay Office Building at 800 University Bay Drive.

EDIT: As of July 2018, all ICTR staff listed below are now moved back into Suite 2112 on the 2nd floor of the HSLC.

3320 Ebling Library (enter on 2nd floor of HSLC)

Sheri Alexander, Training & Support Specialist, Clinical Trial Management Systems

Jennifer Bufford, Administrative Director, WiNHR & MARCH Research Networks

Peggy Hatfield, Administrative Director, Workforce Development

Laura Hogan, Science Editor

Molly Lumley, Quality & Compliance Monitor

Tracy Ohrt, Administrative Director, FDA Regulated Research Support Program

Amy Remm, FDA Research Quality & Compliance Monitor

Marcia Schiffman, Administrative Assistant, Workforce Development

Amy Siedschlag, Program Manager, Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) & MARCH Data Safety Monitoring Board

Sally Wedde, Student Services Coordinator

3355 Ebling Library (enter on 2nd floor of HSLC)

Stephanie House, Co-Director, Master Facilitators Initiative

UBOB (800 University Bay Drive)

Melody Bockenfeld, Program Manager, Dissemination & Implementation

Kate Judge, Research Ambassador, Community-Academic Partnerships

Kim Kies, Researchers, Dissemination & Implementation

Kevin Kiley, Communications Specialist, Dissemination & Implementation

Robert Kurka, Project Manager, Dissemination & Implementation