Research and Protocol Development (RaPD) Program

A well-written clinical research protocol is critical to successful study execution, regulatory compliance, participant protection and data integrity. ICTR provides individualized protocol development support with the goal of improving the quality of investigator-initiated clinical research and reducing the time from study conception to conduct.

Complimentary services are available to faculty planning an investigator-initiated clinical research study (therapeutic, non-therapeutic, interventional and/or observational):

  • Consultations specified for your project
  • Suggestions for assistive services, with meetings attended by the navigator (if preferred)
  • Scheduling service for Studio–a meeting to gather experts for advice
  • Guidance on study design
  • Assistance editing clinical research protocols
  • Identification of appropriate protocol templates that fulfill Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements for your study


Need more information on increasing health equity in your research? Check out our new resource (PDF format):

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Roadmap – A Toolkit for Increasing Community Engagement and Diversifying Recruitment

Scientific Editing

The RaPD Program is excited to announce the addition of a scientific editing service. We have a dedicated editor that will help strengthen and clarify your scientific documents (manuscripts, grants, protocols, and other materials) by providing customized developmental and structural edits to meet the specific needs of your documents.


The RaPD Program is offering to support activities that can be used to improve protocols and research projects. The funds can be used to support activities and/or personnel surrounding the following:

  • development of recruitment tools to reach historically underrepresented populations; develop
    methods to recruit rural population;
  • develop methods to incorporate PRO’s (patient reported outcomes) and social determinants of
  • assistance to work with design services for health-equity and multi-site studies;
  • biostatistical innovations for unbiased techniques;
  • for assistance with services providing expertise in qualitative and mixed-method research.

These funds cannot be used to support PI salaries. In order to apply for an ICTR voucher through the RaPD Program send the information requested in the attached RFA to Funds need to be expended 6 months after approval.

Download RFA